Ethics | Morality
Law | Legislation
Religion | Spirituality


 Sally-Anne Ryan
discussing ethical and moral views of, obligations to, and quandaries regarding animals

Ryan | Animals, Ethics and Morality

 M. Renée Orth
analyzing trends and prospects in legal characterization, treatment and protection of animals
Orth | Animal Law and Legislation

Ronald Farmer
Beth Johnson
Zandra Wagoner
examining the religious and spiritual connection between humans and other animals
Farmer, Johnson and Wagoner | Animals, Religion and Spirituality

Environment | Climate
Animal Poetry

 Paul York
addressing anthropogenic changes to the planet and resulting threats to flora and fauna
York | Animals, Environment and Climate

  Heather Leughmyer
providing human
words on behalf of sentient beings whose languages and voices are routinely ignored
Leughmyer | Animal Poetry


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