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Cruelty-Free is an electronic publication devoted to defense of animals. We advocate cruelty-free personal choices, vegan diet, and legal abolition of animal exploitation.

Animal Defense Team

Beth |

Animals, Religion and Spirituality | Rev. Dr. Beth Johnson is a Unitarian Universalist minister serving a congregation in Vista California. She is president-elect of Unitarian Universalists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, recently renamed Unitarian Universalist Animal Ministry.

Brandon |

Technology Consultant | A software engineer at Goldman Interactive, Brandon Goldman has eight years of experience in web development. He has worked extensively with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and Javascript and is a Zend Certified Engineer in PHP 5.

Heather |

Animal Poetry | Heather Leughmyer is a vegan activist who uses poetry as a means to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. She shares a home in the country with her husband, daughter, two cats, two dogs, and several rescued rats.

Paul |

Animals, Environment and Climate | Paul York is a doctoral candidate at the Centre for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto. In addition to caring for animal rights, he is an environmentalist, human rights activist, and community organizer.

Renée |

Animals, Law and Legislation | Following her graduation from Boalt Hall in 1999, M. Renée Orth practiced business litigation in California with emphasis on employment, real estate and banking law. She now focuses on philanthropic efforts while indulging her passions for vegetarian cooking and traveling.

Robert |

Editor | Robert Lyons made the decision to stop eating animals at the age of 12 and has never looked back. Firmly believing that all who are capable of suffering are deserving of compassion, he is also passionate about the plight of the working class, environmental justice, and his two formerly homeless cats, Leo and Estelle.

Ron |

Animals, Religion and Spirituality | Ronald Farmer is the Irvin C. and Edy Chapman Dean of the Wallace All Faiths Chapel and Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Chapman University. He is an active member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the Center for Process Studies, and the Process& Faith Program.

Sally-Anne |

Animals, Ethics and Morality | Sally-Anne Ryan is a British artist and writer who uses her work to highlight the plight of animals all over the world. She happily shares her home with three failed show dogs, two rescued dogs, and ten former battery chickens.

Shelley |

Editor | Shelley Harrison teaches law, logic, writing and reading comprehension in California. Recipient of eight patents, Harrison is the author of Plutonomics: A Unified Theory of Wealth and a former Managing Editor of the Virginia Law Review.

Zandra |

Animals, Religion and Spirituality | | Zandra Wagoner is the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Assistant Professor of Religion at the University of La Verne. She is one of the co-authors of A Religious Proclamation for Animal Compassion, a document composed by religious leaders from 22 different traditions and presented at the nation’s capital in 2007.








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